: VCFL Etiquette

VCFL Etiquette


The VCFL is made up of the North Langley Bears, the Mission Niners, the Meadow Ridge Knights, the Chilliwack Giants and the Abbotsford Falcons. Throughout the season, games are played at 5 different field locations and each association host games. In efforts to keep youth football fun for everyone we ask that all teams, players, and supporters follow the etiquette below.


1. TENTS: If the HOME team provides their bench with a tent (shelter), please provide the visiting team with a tent (shelter).


2. TAILGATING: All associations in the VCFL are non-profit. Concession revenue is a huge part of fundraising for each association. Please do not tailgate in the parking lot or fields before, during, and after games.


3. CHEERING: Positive cheering is always welcome. Sideline Coaching and yelling at Officials is not. Please be respectful of your tones and phrases used when cheering.


4. FIELD RULES: Please respect all field rules while at a game. Should a volunteer of the hosting field ask you nicely to step away from the fence or park elsewhere – please kindly do so.


5. BENCH: Parents and spectators are asked to watch from the stands. Please do not stand behind the player bench.


6. STICKS: If you are volunteering on the stick crew, please do not cheer or coach. The stick crew should remain silent.


7. GAME TIME: Please note that the official time for the game is kept by the Referee. The time seen on the scoreboard is a “general” estimate but not official.


8. SCORES: Please note the score of every game is kept by the Game Commissioner and both Head Coaches sign off on the score at the end of the game. Should there be a mistake on the scoreboard, please refrain from yelling at the announcer/booth/tower. No one is trying to cheat your team out of points.


8. WATER: Please send water with your players on game days. The synthetic/turf fields should have NO other liquid than water on fields.


9. PARKING: Please only park in designated parking spots at the field. Do not park in lanes, do not double park, do not park on the grass.


            Please respect and follow the rules of each field, if in question - ask permission first.

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