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About us

The Meadow Ridge Knights Football Club is a non-profit community service organization that coordinates and provides football activities for youth in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows area.

We provide opportunities for boys and girls, ages 5-18, to play football, flag football and cheerleading. We have a rich tradition of providing a successful football program. We are fortunate to have the support of our member families, volunteers, sponsors, local service groups, the Municipality of Maple Ridge, the Municipality of Pitt Meadows, the Local Rotary Clubs and the Province of British Columbia.



The mission of Meadow Ridge Football Association is to provide an environment for the youth of our community to participate in learning and developing both individual and team sportsmanship. It is our wish to allow those who participate in the sport to develop into young men and women that both their parents and community may be proud of. We hope to encourage and promote healthier lifestyles and scholastic standing and standards along with building self-esteem.  



Our Goals include

Having as many teams and participants in all divisions (Flag through Midget) as we have resources available.

To be competitive while at the same time having the participants enjoy and support football and learn team spirit and good sportsmanship.

Guiding Principles of the Club:
To provide youths in our community opportunities to

  • play football to their capabilities and at a competitive level
  • participate in cheer/dance
  • appreciate and enjoy the game of football
  • learn the fundamentals of the game of football
  • to strive to make our program enjoyable and safe for all participants
  • to promote in our program team concepts, community spirit and good sportsmanship

Player Expectations:

  • Attend Practices consistently
  • Be on time for practices and games (equipment on)
  • Listen to and respect the coaches
  • Show respect towards team mates, opponents, parents and officials
  • Take care of equipment
  • Work hard at practices and the games
  • Demonstrate good sportsmanship


Parent’s Role:

  • Help your child to be on time for practices and games and notify the team manager in advance if your child is not able to make a practice or a game
  •  Encourage your child to do their best
  •  Show respect towards coaches, opponents, other parents  and officials
  •  Demonstrate and encourage good sportsmanship
  •  Help out and volunteer with the club activities to the best of your ability
  • Take care of equipment

  * Members please see your Parents Pledge*

Spring Flag U12
Mar 31 - Jun 1, 2023
Atom Cheerleading (6-8)
Mar 31, 2023
Spring Flag U8
Mar 31 - Jun 7, 2023
Spring Flag U19
Mar 31 - Jun 1, 2023
Spring Flag U16
Mar 31 - Jun 1, 2023
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